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  • My friend recommended Mindful Relationships to me after hearing that I was increasingly feeling anxious. I wasn’t sleeping well, agonised over minor decisions, was nervous in dealings with others, when in general I’m a highly confident person. Ignoring these feelings wasn’t working, in fact and they were getting increasingly pronounced, which started impacting my personal and work life. Arti was fantastic. Through talking and listening, she was able to get to the root of my anxiety, which was essential to my healing process. The difference to other counselling services was that Arti equipped me with simple tools I could use on a daily basis to help me manage days when my feelings were getting the better of me. After just one session, I started to notice positive changes. I highly recommend Mindful Relationships. L. L. Sydney


  • My Separation, 7 years ago, was ‘high conflict and entrenched’ we were very close to going to court and my ex-partner and I had consulted with lawyers. Unfortunately communication between my ex-wife and me remains very poor! The people most affected by this were our 4 children who were 15, 13, 10 and 8. The situation was so bad that I saw very little of my three younger children for the best part of 3 years. During this time Arti Yagnik was very supportive, and she challenged me to understand the children, my ex-partner and myself better and in different ways to repair the relationship with my children independently of my ex-partner. With hard work and continuing guidance and support of Arti, I have regained meaningful and loving relationships with all my children and believe I am an effective parent in their lives. Arti and Mindful Relationships have been fantastic in the level of support provided, and devising strategies to allow me to reconnect with my children in what seemed like difficult and intractable circumstances. I don’t believe that going to court and obtaining Parenting Orders would have worked and nor would it have facilitated the meaningful and connected relationship I have with all my children today.I. K.  Sydney


  • My counsellor at Mindful Relationships has helped me to understand the factual reasons and childhood origins that attributed to the thoughts and feelings I have lived by as an adult. She helped me to understand WHY I believed that someone else’s happiness was, without question, more important than my own. She helped me to recognise I was repeating what I’d learnt from childhood experiences and that guilt and obligation were contributing to my not being able to let go and care for myself first. Through understanding and acknowledging this I was able then, with the counsellor’s help, to move forward to allowing myself happiness without guilt.  K.W.  Sydney


  • Therapy has been useful for me because it helps me to understand and think about problems that I can’t solve by myself and it has allowed me to resolve some of my really really hard issues. I always think twice about what I am about to do now because I know I will have to tell Arti,  she has a way of making sure I tell her everything, so that she can really help!  - S.S. (15) Sydney


  • Arti works hard and she made me work hard in the sessions, I have never seen that before in a counsellor. She has lead me down the path of recovery. Arti is not afraid of tackling the hard key issues, she somehow won my trust and over the sessions my depression has cleared. I now find I have clarity, focus and a sense of calm which I have never experienced before. - M.P.  Sydney


  • There are so many wonderful things I want to say about Arti.  She gets to the root of the problem in a non-judgemental manner and kindly and expertly has you seeing things in a different way. Her techniques work! Over time she manages to deactivate all those negative feelings and past hurts (that you think will be with you forever). She genuinely cares about couples and families.- S. K. Sydney


  • Following a suicide attempt by our daughter, who is the younger of 2 siblings, we were referred to Mindful Relationships for family therapy. Our counsellor has seen members of my family individually, in couples or as a family. Our family unit for a variety of reasons had broken down over the past 6 years and we needed to rebuild it and with the assistance, perseverance and guidance of our counsellor we are getting there. At times family therapy has been hard going but without it I doubt that we would have recognised the need for it, and, if had I, don’t think we would have known HOW to rectify the problems. It’s not all fixed and we still have a way to go, our counsellor did say it would take 12 to 18 months of intensive therapy and she has been spot on. Our suicidal daughter is beginning to want to be honest and deal with her emotions which is the first major step to healing. I’m pleased to say that we are now at the stage where we are able to focus on our emotional wellbeing for the future rather than worrying if there ever is going to be a future for our daughter. I am convinced that it is family therapy that has made a difference, as ultimately our daughter and her brother were always told we loved them but now I think they are beginning to believe it and rely on it.  G.T. Sydney




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Before you see a Counsellor or a Mediator, wouldn’t you like to know how good he or she is? Wouldn’t you like to know that your time and money is wisely spent? Well, at Mindful Relationships we pride ourselves on the fact that over the last 10 years “word of mouth” recommendation has been 100% of our referral base. And now the secret is out! We are growing and we want to offer our unique Counselling and Mediation services to more children, adults, couples and families who would benefit from expert Counselling and Mediation. We know we can make a difference!.

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