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Parenting Children & Adolescents


While raising children brings a lot of joy to parents, we all know, sometimes children and adolescents can be demanding, challenging and difficult to understand, manage and deal with. They seem to have a ‘secret code’ of their own from which they operate, a ‘secret code’ that we once knew so well, but don’t have a need for as adults and have forgotten!


How We Work With Children & Adolescents


At Mindful Relationships we help parents and children to connect and ‘be’ with each other. We have observed that the relationship between parents and their children is the platform from which sensitive and effective parenting happens. How and what parents and children think and feel about each other will determine and direct the outcome of positive parenting. Our counsellors provide an opportunity for you to improve communication with your children and to understand their feelings and inner struggles better. We will assist you to develop clear and fair boundaries with your child. Boundaries that s/he can  understand, appreciate and accept. We will help you find ways to talk with your child again. Our experience of working with children and parents, together with research, indicates that where there are open lines of communication between parents and children, children are less likely to engage in behaviours that are harmful, such as drug abuse and promiscuity.  The latest drug abuse campaign states “when it comes to drugs, simply talking to your children could be the best deterrent of all”. Our Counsellors are used to working with children and adolescents who at first appear not to want to cooperate or talk but soon we find that they are 'talking'  their way to sensible and practical solutions.


We help children and adolescents explore their emotions, understand their behaviours and 'be' and 'do' something different that will help them to have a better and positive sense of self. Our staff use a number of fun and intense therapeutic work methods, including non-directive play therapy, art work, story work, role play and good old fashioned talk therapy. During the last two years we have also being using Rapid Exposure Tapping with children and adolescents to address issues such as low self-esteem, anxiety and depression. The positive change in the child’s overall sense of self and behaviour has been remarkable.


Why is Parenting Children So Hard Sometimes?


There are many differing theories and practises about the best way to rear our children, most of us create our own style from a combination of factors and, normally these will evolve over time as children develop their own personalities and move through life’s milestones. Our own parenting style is often influenced by both our and our children’s temperaments, as well the influence of our own parents and our family of origin culture.


Further, at Mindful Relationships we are aware of parents' high levels of  concern about the negative impact that our dominant culture (media, technology etc) has on our children and our inability to protect them from this. It’s the ‘nature, nurture’ phenomenon that parents are constantly struggling with and aim to balance in a way that respects and raises well-adjusted happy children.


Why Can Adolescents Be So Difficult Sometimes?


Any parent who has a teenager is likely to be familiar with the term conflict. The level, regularity and intensity of the conflict can vary at any given time. In fact, it seems that the word teenager was invented to describe this natural conflicted state of being for young people.


At times growing up must be a tough business for our adolescent children. They are faced with creating and forging a new self-image, independent of their siblings and parents. They are challenged by emotional upheavals caused by an influx of hormones and the inevitable physical changes that accompany young adulthood. Many adolescents will struggle with their sense of self and self- image. The impact of our culture and peer pressure adds to the confusion and self-doubt a young person experiences. Some adolescents may develop serious mental health issues including eating disorders, depression and substance addiction.  When internal and external conflict becomes entrenched and has a negative influence on an adolescent,  a parent naturally begins to worry. 


Parent Your Children with Confidence


At Mindful Relationships we believe that raising a child is a lesson in understanding, negotiating and patience (lots of it)! We will provide an opportunity for you and your child to improve your communication and for you to have more understanding about your child’s feelings and inner struggle. Our staff will walk the talk with you and your child, carefully exploring and addressing the issues; we will help you find long term solutions.


Even though you may feel hopeless about your child’s negative feelings and behaviour and your deteriorating relationship with him or her, we can bring a neutral voice and a new perspective to the table, helping both of you to develop a healthy and caring long term relationship. And we know that this can only benefit you, your child and your whole family. 


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Before you see a Counsellor or a Mediator, wouldn’t you like to know how good he or she is? Wouldn’t you like to know that your time and money is wisely spent? Well, at Mindful Relationships we pride ourselves on the fact that over the last 10 years “word of mouth” recommendation has been 100% of our referral base. And now the secret is out! We are growing and we want to offer our unique Counselling and Mediation services to more children, adults, couples and families who would benefit from expert Counselling and Mediation. We know we can make a difference!.

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