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At Mindful Relationships we believe in modelling the relationship you would want for yourself and with others. Our practise stems from the belief that a good relationship is characterised by mutual feelings of liking, respect and trust between ourselves and the children, adolescents and adults that we work with


What is Counselling?


Counselling involves talking with one of our therapists in confidence about what you feel and  think about yourself and your situation. Counselling is often needed when challenges or crisis arise, such as, depression, divorce and family dysfunction. You are supported to discuss your problems honestly and openly in an informal and non-judgmental environment.


Counselling is a positive way of exploring, addressing and resolving problems; it can help you understand your problems better, as well as giving you a better understanding of other person’s point of view. Our clients are helped to explore the underlying cause of their problems; sometimes these are seen as arising from past experience, changes of environment and relationship problems. Clients often experience an “aha!” moment and this can help them to have further insight and appreciation of their own thoughts and feelings. This together with change in behaviour (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) enables our clients to achieve lasting change.


The Aim of Counselling


Our counselling relationship with you follows mutually agreed rules, we work towards goals and our aim is to help you to develop your strengths and enable you to find your own long term solutions. We continually evaluate our work with you, making sure that positive change is happening between sessions: often we ask our clients to do “homework” between sessions to ensure that our work together is practical and consolidated i.e. what we talk about in our sessions works in the real world - your world!

We believe that it is essential to work with our clients as unique individuals rather than basing our work on assumptions and stereotypes. So, we start from scratch with every client! 

We aim to provide counselling that is sensitive, appropriate and needs lead; and are committed to involving our clients in the services they receive and believe in working in partnership with them. Our trained therapists are open to being asked lots of questions and being challenged. We don’t take sides but we will help each of you to see your contribution to the problem and encourage you to take responsibility for your own part. We empower our clients by listening carefully,responding and making recommendations that are well considered and achievable.


Counselling Models and Approaches


At Mindful Relationships we use a number of therapeutic individual and family counselling approaches. These include Systemic Family Therapy (structural and strategic), Family Law Mediation, Narrative Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Non-directive Play Therapy, Art Therapy, Story Work, Drama, Role Play and Group work. Our work is also informed by psychoanalytic theories, including Attachment.


Radical Exposure Tapping 


Over the last two years we have introduced Radical Exposure Tapping as a therapeutic tool to help our clients resolve problems faster. Radical Exposure Tapping is an approach developed by Laurie MacKinnon, an Australian family therapist, who combined elements of other trauma interventions such as Imaginal Exposure, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, the Emotional Freedom Technique and hypnotic imagery work.


This approach is very helpful if you are recovering from traumatic events or if you are emotionally reactive in close family or interpersonal relationships and if you are suffering depression and anxiety. We use this approach very successfully with divorced parents who want to be less reactive with each other.


Radical exposure tapping works rapidly, often accomplishing in one session what takes 10 sessions of ordinary talk therapy. The tapping component works by having the client think about the disturbing elements of the memory or the situation and while tapping on acupressure points. The therapist demonstrates where to tap by tapping on herself. The client then taps on herself while copying the therapist actions.



While they are tapping, the therapist repeats back to the client words that the client used in describing the situation. While clients often become upset while hearing the words that remind them of the upsetting situation, the tapping has a calming and relaxation effect. Very quickly the disturbing feelings associated with the memory or the situation disappears and is replaced by a feeling of calm. In this calm state, clients are able to think about the memory or the situation with their adult brain. The next time something reminds them of the memory or they find themselves in the formerly upsetting situation, they find that they are able to approach situations more rationally and without emotional reactivity.


We can help you


We know our counselling services have made a positive difference to the lives of the people we have worked with. Our therapists provide a caring and supportive environment to help you find a way through the problems you are facing, including, relationship issues and depression, stress and anxiety. We are able to help our clients resolve their problems and move forward with their lives with less anxiety and more confidence and hope. We believe,and what's more we can help you feel and believe that there is hope despite the thoughts and feelings of helplessness and negativity that are easy to experience when you are feeling stuck or going around in circles with the same problems.

About Us

Before you see a Counsellor or a Mediator, wouldn’t you like to know how good he or she is? Wouldn’t you like to know that your time and money is wisely spent? Well, at Mindful Relationships we pride ourselves on the fact that over the last 10 years “word of mouth” recommendation has been 100% of our referral base. And now the secret is out! We are growing and we want to offer our unique Counselling and Mediation services to more children, adults, couples and families who would benefit from expert Counselling and Mediation. We know we can make a difference!.

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